Present Perfect Progressive

Present Perfect Progressive - Use
1) Actions beginning in the past and still continuing (focus is on the action) - mostly with since(point of time) or for (period of time)
I have been waiting for you for three hours. (It was a long time.)

2) Recently completed actions (focus is on the action)
She has been watching too many videos. (It was too much time.)

Signal words
all day, the whole day, since, for
Questions with how long

have/has + been + infinitive + -ing

Affirmative sentences:
have been playing handball.
I've been playing handball.
You have been playing handball.
You've been playing handball.
Negative sentences:
have not been playing handball.
I've not been playing handball.
haven't been playing handball.
You have not been playing handball.
You've not been playing handball.
You haven't been playing handball.
Have I been playing handball?
Have you been playing handball?

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