Simple Past


1) action finished in the past

visited Berlin last week.

2) series of completed actions in the past

First I got up, then I had breakfast

3) together with the Past Progressive/Continuous - The Simple Past interrupted an action which was in progress in the past.

They were playing cards when the telephone rang.

Signal words

yesterday, last week, a month ago, in 2002


- with regular verbs: infinitive + -ed
- with irregular verbs: 2nd column of the table of the irregular verbs


Affirmative sentences:

regular verbsirregular verbs
played football.went to the cinema.
We visited Alaska last year.We were in Rome yesterday.

Negative sentences:

You must not negate a full verb in English. Always use the auxiliary did (Simple Past of to do) for negations.
I playedfootball.


Use the auxiliary did (Simple Past of to do).
Did you play football?

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